Fee Waivers & Hostel Expense Support

Students securing a Rank in Top 500 in the Exam will get a Certificate of Achievement. To support these 500 meritorious students, FIITJEE has decided to give Tuition Fee Waivers on FIITJEE Program & Hostel Fee Waivers on the basis of their performance and subject to scoring above minimum cut-off marks in each subject in the test. Based on the aggregate marks in the exam and marks in individual subjects, a common merit list will be prepared. Those students who do not clear the individual subject cut-off marks as well as the grand total cut-off marks in written test will not qualify for the merit list.

Xtra Ray Edge Test Rank Tuition Fee Waiver for
FIITJEE Program* (in %)
Expenses Support
1 100% Students who show a clear Potential to secure a Rank in Top 200 in JEE Advanced, 2021 will be given Hostel Expenses Support.

FIITJEE will pay their Room Rent. Students however will have to bear the food and other personal expenses.
2 100%
3 100%
4 to 10 100%
11 to 20 90%
21 to 50 75%
51 to 100 65%
101 to 300 50%
301 to 500 50%
501 to 1000 25%
Tuition Fee Waiver is for One Year Classroom Program & One Year Condensed Live Online Classroom Program for JEE Advanced, 2021. Hostel Fee Waiver Awarded will be valid only for the Batch Commencing from 3rd November 2020.
Note : Tuition Fee Waivers given for the respective Rank in the Table are subject to scoring above the minimum cut-off marks.
Note : All FIITJEE Scholarships are 3rd Party Funded based on Grants and Donations received from various Philanthropic Trusts & Societies.

Benefits for those Students who were not FIITJEE Students while preparing for JEE Advanced, 2019
  All Students qualifying in JEE Advanced, 2019 (in Common Merit List) who are eligible and desirous of preparing again for JEE Advanced 2020 for a better performance, will get benefits of Tuition fee waiver and other waivers depending upon their Rank in JEE Advanced 2020.
  For FIITJEE Students, benefits are different and details can be obtained from any FIITJEE centre.